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The knowledge and network of experts will make all of the difference in your Amazon business
Let me give you what I was only going to give family and friends
I made the plunge and got top-noche Amazon coaching for $30k. Then I went further and got expert mentoring from coaches of coaches who partnered with me and shared their resources with me. I realized I had all of the success formulas, industry expertise, and connections to help anyone of my friends or family members to build a profitable, scalable, sustainable, low-maintenance Amazon selling business. I wanted them to have the freedom and security that come from a profitable side business, but I would only charge them a fraction of the price. Now I am extending that offer to you.
Start as a pro by leveraging the knowledge and connections of experts! 
When you do as expert do to and get results that the expert get! Use the network and formulas of the top 1% of Amazon sellers. Gain ALL of the knowledge and connections from $30k of Amazon coaching and subsequent expert mentoring- EVERYTHING you need to START LIKE A PRO. Create a profitable and scalable Amazon selling business, following experts formulas, that others do not have access to.
Own a profitable side business without it owning you!
Spend only 2-3 hours a week to become a successful business owner. Leverage my network of experts and Amazon's FBA. Discover powerful tools to give you a backhoe in a world where others are still using shovels. Do this business like the top 1% does. Launch your business over the next 6 weeks!
Make a small time investment to give yourself time and means!
With 2-3 hours per week, enjoy an additional stream of income. Increase financical security by diversifying your income. See the power of 20% returns compounded with each product rotation. Mitigate risks using expert strategies for product performance prediction before you select products, so you can create healthy returns with very little risk.
I paid the price so that you don't have to! Please let me give this to you!
I sincerly, with all of my heart, want to help you succeed. I support entrepreneurship, and I believe in serving and helping others. I believe in over delivering value. I made the investment, so that you can start without having the huge hurdle that I had. Please let me give you this training!
Gain unreal advantages that the top 1% have!
These connections give an unreal advantage! Seriously, the difference between having these connections and not is the difference between not making this worth your time versus creating a business that gives steady $10k sales per month that eventually scale to $100k per month. If you are familiar with Amazon selling already, you can recognize the weight of these resources:
  •  Leverage my connections for product sourcing agents in China 
  • Take advantage of Chinese contracts to ensure product quality
  •  Access deep connections in retail 
  •  Cash-in on huge discounts on retail products through those connections
  •  Discover powerful product research techniques
  •  Learn successful data-driven product selection formulas
  •  Drive your product to the top of the page with mathmatically optimized listings
  •  Employ a network of potential reviewers to launch products effectively
  •  Run your business like an expert from the beginning
I got a #1 new release product and $10k sales in the first month after working with some of these connections that I want to give you, and that was just one product. I can't put any limit to what is possible with the right connections and the right knowledge.
Allow yourself to start a profitable business the right way, and leverage the knowledge and connections of experts.
What does it look like to have the knowledge and network of experts?
It looks like using science and data driven strategies to select product and drawing up secure predictions before you make a purchase. It looks like having a team of product sourcers on site in factories, at your disposal. It looks like knowing people who can give you retail product that are valued at 2-3 times what you give them to work with. It looks like knowing exactly what to do to make your business grow. It looks like leveraging a network of people to help launch products and get them momentum.
YOU can do this. YOU can have this even if you have not yet started!
  •  2-3 hours a week by leveraging Amazon's FBA and these resources mentioned here
  •  Scalable, exponential growth that could grow larger than any other source of income over time
  •  Compounding 20% returns to reinvest or use for other ventures
  •  Financial security of side income and diversified investments
  •  Build a business that allows you to work from your couch in your own living room
Amazon is taking over retail, and YOU deserve a piece of it!
You don't need to do this alone. Gain a network of support!
Don't walk the path of entrepreneurship alone! Success come so much more easily when you are supported! Gain access to ongoing email support for questions that will come up. Don't just use the strategies and network of experts, but also allow yourself to have help implementing. 
Use the knowledge and network of experts PLUS coaching and ongoing support!
Gain the knowledge and trainings of experts over the next 6 weeks! Make connections that the pros use so you can start as a pro. Secure ongoing email support that extends much further than the 6 weeks training period. And as a bonus, solidify your training with 3 one-on-one coaching sessions over the next 6 weeks. 
Gain in the next 6 weeks EVERYTHING you need to succeed on Amazon!
  •  6 weeks training course to gain the knowledge of experts
  •  Connnections to incredible product sourcing, warehousing, and retail pallet resources.
  •   Group trainings as available for at least 6 months
  •  Direct email access for support and questions for at least 6 months
  •  As a bonus, 3 one-on-one coaching sessions to solidify and personalize training during the first 6 weeks
Invest in yourself as an entrepreneur!
As an entrepreneur you have to invest in yourself becaue you are your own best asset! You can do anything, but you do need to know how. You can build a profitable Amazon business that is steady stream of income that grows to be larger than your other streams of income, but you need the support and knowledge of experts. Give yourslef this opportunity. Invest in yourself!
I would have paid $30k for everything I am giving!
I invested $30k. Was it worth it? Oh, man, I had such fear when I initially invested! I learned a bunch but realized I needed more, and I felt real fear. Stomach sinking feeling. But then I pushed further into those connections, and I filled those gaps. Now with the complete picture and all the resources, it is completely worth it. To have the knowledge and connections I have (and that I am giving to you), I would absolutely pay $30k over again.
I am doing backflips righ now! I am so excited for you!
I am passionate about under-charging and over-delivering. I want to deliver 10 times the value of what is invested in me. I believe in helping entrepreneurs. I want to give you everything I wish I had at the very beginning for a price that I would have done backflips for:
Training, coaching, network of experts, and all the support you need to succeed on Amazon for $1500 spread over 6 weeks ($250 per week)
Early bird special. Now, for a very limited time, $1500 $750 spread over 6 weeks ($250 $125 per week). And you can cancel at any time.
Don't let this be that thing you always wish you had done! 
This could be that thing that changes your life because it gives you a vehicle into entrepreneurship and allows you to own a business that brings steady returns to you without it owning all your time. I sincerely want to help you. Let this be your ticket. Let's talk. Let's build together. Let's take advantage of this amazing opportunity. 

Product specific info:
  •   Training: After you purchase you will find a link to register to the training website. Shortly thereafter you will be added to the 6 weeks Amazon training course where you will have access to videos and notes. New lesson material, consisting of video content and corresponding notes, will become available each week with the first week starting immediately after purchase. Access to previous lesson will remain for your reference and use. This material is a product of extensive, high-ticket Amazon coaching along with additional mentorship in the areas of product research, product sourcing, product, and product listing. Materials will be available for viewing on the website, and is intented solely for your training (not for ripping it off and selling to others).
  •  One-on-one coaching: Immediately following your purchase you will receive a link to book your first coaching call. You will be prompted to schedule coaching calls also in weeks 3 and 6. 
  •  Network: As you learn the foundations about Amazon, you will want to access connections related to product sourcing, warehousing services, and retail deals. I want to give you my connections that experts use as part of this package. We can discuss those resources in our coaching calls and via our email correspondence.
  •  Direct Email and Skype Message Support: Immediately after your purchase you will receive email and Skype addresses for your direct support. Support will be available to you for at least 6 months.
  •  Group Coaching: Periodically and as demand dictates, group coaching sessions and webinars will be held for additional training in desired areas. Group coaching will be available for at least 2 session in the first 6 months, although continued participation in the group trainings may be permitted. 
Billing: Billing will occur weekly for six weeks (six total payments)
Refund Policy: 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied by the results of this training, you can your money back in full, no questions asked.
Questions: For questions regarding this product, please reach out to
Training, coaching, network of experts, and all the support you need to succeed on Amazon for $1500 spread over 6 weeks ($250 per week)
Early bird special. Now, for a very limited time, $1500 $750 spread over 6 weeks ($250 $125 per week). And you can cancel at any time.
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